The Supplier Portal.

The Supplier Portal allows you to build relationships with your Suppliers

The Supplier portal is a division of Lexicon Promo, an  NMSDC and NGLCC certified company. The platform was designed to help  suppliers eliminate much of the fat from gaining new business and allow supplier diversity professionals to quickly find and understand the credibility of their suppliers, to share opportunities, and to build community with suppliers and corporations. The Supplier Portal is officially launching January 25th, 2023 and Is starting the initial founding customer cohort of 100 companies that will will also act as the customer advisory board which will be given special privileges and allow you to help shape our product in the future to be perfect for your needs.

Features of the platform include:

Diverse Supplier Profile Search:Gone are the days of suppliers signing up with each individual company. With our supplier profiles, each supplier that signs up will be searchable in our platform. The profiles will give you a full understanding of who each supplier is and cut a lot of the guess work and calling around out of the equation when determining credibility. 

Supplier Ratings: Suppliers are able to utilize our platform to request publicly viewable feedback and ratings so that you can make informed decisions on the credibility, work ethic, and work products of each supplier. 

Instant Messaging: With in-app instant messaging, you can keep your work inbox sacred and message with suppliers in your portal. 

Newsfeed: Post status updates where you can share information like events that you will be hosting, RFPs that you will be sending out, and any other useful information for the community. No more silos of people that are just on your email list. 

Supplier CRM: As new suppliers sign up and enter your view - you can keep track of all of your supplier notes for each company you encounter in the web dashboard as well as custom-create stages that they are in with your engagement and procurement process. 

Projects: Sometimes you need to evaluate a few companies at once, or assemble a few different companies to make a vision come to life. Projects allow you to take a procurement or event need and create a project where you can add each supplier of interest, the scope of this event or project and communicate with the supplier within this project to keep a hand on the status of a project or evaluate multiple suppliers at once. <b>Branding:</b> We know that you love your brand. In our portal you are able to change the colors and branding of buttons and pages to the colors of your brand so that you never have to leave your own brand experience. 

For any questions, we invite you to reach out to or to sign up for an intro call with us in the with the sign up sheet below: